a smartphone in 2016 September must have this

A smartphone in 2016 September must have these features:

Display – not less than 290ppi

Battery – not less than 2000mAh

OS: Not less than 5.1 Lollipop (6.0 Marshmallow is preferred) or iOS 9

Well, there are so many phones out there, yet for less than 100 dollars, you can get one that beats all the specs above.

Then it is only ignorance that is making people buy 244ppi phones or worst 186ppi phones. Their display is just terrible. I don’t care if its unibody, has finger print or what not. It must have a high quality display for Instagram and the likes.

double your money is the biggest trick in the game

Free money, or money for nothing is a big trick, but double your money is the biggest trick in the game. You can get free money and then double it would be the greatest trick in the game. Free money exists, don’t get me wrong. Double your money is also possible, so don’t get me wrong again.

Credit cards, pay day loans, unsecured loans are different forms of free money schemes with disastrous outcomes for most borrowers. I am speaking from experience. They can also be boosters for an entrepreneurs skilled enough in the game of gambling, taking risks, and doubling money.

The world appears to offer money in many ways and people appear to use money according to their mindsets. I remember being told by someone checking out an Instagram page that, give a poor person money and he comes back with cool new shoes, and you give a rich guy money and he comes back with some investments. I don’t know how universally applicable that is, but I do know one thing. Knowledge is king.

If you only know the Mall as the place to spend your money, then you can go ahead and spend it. If you now SportPesa to be the best way to spend your money, then you can go and spend it. If you know Tribeka Lounge to be the gateway to fun filled nights of spending your money then by all means, this is what you should. You are spending and it is a good thing.

However, I want to find out whether betting can be investing, or learning. I would like to beat the markets on a consistent basis, getting daily returns of 1%. That would be a return of 365% in a year. If that can happen, then I would have gone with the free money + double your money trick and inverted the con.

The reason I say its a con, is because, most of the time, people think irrationally and that is why no one who is betting is willing to settle for a x1.09 odd when he could try his luck for a x23 odd. Yes, having multiple bets could even give you x50, so that a small investment of ksh 50 bob nets a cool ksh 2500. Too bad, 9/10, there is always one team that fails to fulfill expectations and ends up making you lose.

Thus, the biggest and easiest trick in the game of conning people has been to promise great results for very easy investment. When another person has to put in Ksh 1 million to earn 100k in a year, (12 months of waiting), the football/soccer betting company is offering people a x50 return on their money in just a few hours. Go figure!

Keep walking

Life continues as you plan for it.

I keep on saying this to remind myself that I should keep walking because that is the only way to get ahead. Did you know that a tree was once a seed that was just dropped to the group and got enough moisture to sprout, then became a seedling and eventually it became the big gigantic thing that you marvel at whenever you look at it in an absent minded way without any regard to its function in your environment?

Keep walking because you are meant to grow.


no need for setting time aside

i have been telling everyone who cares to listen. You can be planning things and as you do so, time is running away and you just watch it go. You need time to be together, to do things, to run, to rush to a meeting, to plan the future and so on. Continue reading “no need for setting time aside”

what do you do while commuting

You are going to work or coming from, and it can get really boring, so you chat, troll on Instagram, do that candy crash saga, just day dream or read.

The longest time you have for yourself for most people these days is the commuting time.

Time is a resource we all get equally. When I start a day, I get the same number of hours as you and I can squander or utilize. Of course I squander.

What about you, what do you do when you are commuting.

Oh, my commute is just a few minutes a day, so that makes us different, but we still get the same number of hours.

productive should be about producing

A catch phrase that is.

Productive should be about producing or productivity, and with that one statement, I now sound like a motivational psycho.

I think about being productive and I remember all these things that I keep reading regarding self-improvement. I need to be productive always.

The best counter advice to the message above is that, a person has to be productive overall. There are rests, inefficiencies and so on in between the times when you seem so productive.

So how could I be productive yet I have been on this earth for just a few years and I have not experienced or learned much? I can be productive by producing. A litmus test of productivity could show a difference between the extremes of consumption of other people’s efforts and the production of own effort.

Going by this, productivity would be all about producing.



this blog is just a hobby

This blog is just a hobby and that means that I only write on it when I am in the mood plus I don’t have to dedicate time for writing. I can be writing from anywhere using anything but lately I have been using waiting times and my phone as the primary tool.

You could say I am blogging from mobile and I would second your statement. So, what does blogging for fun look like?

Well, it looks like I am absorbed in chatting on my phone.

It looks like I am writing an email as I wait for some tea to get warm, or it could seem as a general long texting episode.

It just seems normal except that, in a few minutes I will have a blog post ready on this site.

The blog your are reading now is just a hobby.